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Hi, I'm Ya'kob, I'm 26

Name : Ya'kob Abaidullah
Age : 26
Certificate : Diploma In Computer System & Network
Current CGPA : 3.99

I love latest technology & always learn it on every aspect of my online application development needs. For the past few years, I've been developing applications based on PHP frameworks such as Code Igniter & other, but  few month ago, after a friend of mine, introduce Ruby On Rails, I wish I could learn it earlier. With ORM & Unobstrusive Javascript ready inside Ruby on Rails, developing cool application really needs a short duration compared to PHP. With just only a few month of experience in Ruby On Rails, I've already developed few applications such as DSNCELL(frontend works) , FoodHunting(food delivery portal for restaurants, delivery services & hungry people! Still in progress) and 'Online Bus Ticketing Proposal (As you can see at my blog). As you can see here, I had implemented Google Map API V3. I was so happy because I've learned a very cool google API & wish to discover more google API's soon.
I also love jQuery javascript library because it has all my javascript needs. As you can see in my DNSCELL project, I had successfully utilize the jQuery library from AJAX call, to cool User Interface. I'm also capable of utilizing the firebug to debug javascripts, CSS & html.

I am a person who wants to feel proud on my work & I don't want to be left behind in the technology that i practiced.

Contact me
017 293 1521
ahmad at or abigoroth at gmail